First Step to Writing Blogs

If you are new to writing blogs, the best way to get started is to actually write some posts.  Don’t post them just yet, but get writing.  It is my recommendation that you write ten to twenty blog posts before you even start blogging.  You will be tempted to post them, but don’t give in [...]

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Gift Ideas

Do you love giving gifts?  I do!  Especially if I have time to make something creative and fun!  But how do you come up with gift ideas when you are drawing a blank and your gift idea bank is completely over-drafted? The first thing I do is I try to think of the person whom [...]

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Join Roozt


Roozt is the best things since sliced bread! What is Roozt you ask?!  OMG!  It is the coolest idea on the internet to date!  Every time I visit I get excited.  I can spend hours on the Roozt site just reading about all the companies and how they give back.  If you haven’t heard [...]

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Blog for Money

Blog For Money

How do you blog for money? Looking for ways to earn money from home and have been seeing a lot of people that blog for money?  Wondering if it is something for you?  A lot of people are flirting with that same thought so I am going to show you how to get started with [...]

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